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Teal 4 Cindy (5K & Half Marathon)

2024 Disney Princess Marathon Weekend

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After a 5 miler

My Why:

In December 2020, I was diagnosed with Stage 3C high grade serous Ovarian Cancer after having emergency surgery for severe bowel obstruction and perforation. Prior to my diagnosis I spent 4 relentless months begging for answers from doctors while living in severe pain. None of us should have to go through that, but unfortunately screening for Ovarian Cancer is nonexistent. I’m fighting for research and funding to find a way to screen for this disease and raise awareness of the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.  

Finally, I am on my way to a healthy life again. So this year, I registered for the 2024 Disney Princess Marathon Weekend 5K and Half Marathon because I want to raise awareness and funding for National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. My support and your support of me will help improve the lives of survivors, families, and communities touched by ovarian cancer and I need your help. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today in support of my fundraising efforts.  

In this year of great challenges, one even greater challenge remains, saving more lives from ovarian cancer. Dollars raised for the NOCC support national programs and local market initiatives to heighten awareness of the subtle signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, assist newly-diagnosed patients throughout the country, provide ongoing support to caregivers, and advocate for the advancement of ovarian cancer research.

Help me connect with my community and show my passion for saving lives and ending ovarian cancer.  My hope is that together we can eliminate Ovarian Cancer.  

Will you please join me to help save lives by donating today?

If you would like to read about my story visit

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San Antonio Half Marathon Dec 2023