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 Weekly Challenge

Renew your commitment to the cause.

Reach your next fundraising milestone by inviting your friends and family on social media to register, donate, and get involved!

We’re taking the most popular challenges from last year and adding a new set of fun, engaging and easy-to-share challenges that anyone can take on, anywhere across the nation. From turning your social pages teal to getting your pets behind our cause, we’ve got something for everyone. And the most dynamic images, messages and videos will be featured on the National Broadcast Celebration!

How can you help? Register start a TEAM and join in on the Weekly Fun! Use your social media accounts to spread the word and show how Turning Teal each week can help us reach our goal. Our community can unite to save more lives and help the NOCC deliver on its four pillars of progress: ​Earlier Awareness, Quality of Life, Research, and Community Outreach.